Online Resources

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Many of our resident resources can be found on our Resident Portal. We encourage you to log on to our portal to do things like pay your rent, submit a maintenance request, and much more. If you need assistance logging in, please contact 518-346-8600.

Resident Resources

  • Sign in to your online portal.
  • Click pay now – From here you can make a payment with your banking information / credit / debit card.
  • Click Autopay – From here you can set up automated payments to pull from your account automatically each month on the 1st.

Residents must submit a written 60-day notice to our office including a forwarding address.

Residents must send notice to our office that the unit is vacated and return keys to our Schenectady office. Resident must leave the unit in the same condition as found, less normal wear & tear.

  • Resident must submit a 60 day written notice to our office.
  • Resident will forfeit their security deposit
  • Resident will pay an Early Termination Fee – equal to one month’s rent.
  • Resident must provide ownership paperwork as well as the most up to date vaccination records.
  • Resident must provide a photo of their furry friend
  • Resident will be responsible to pay monthly “Pet Rent” in the amount of $50 per pet.
  • Sign into your online portal
  • Here click “Request Maintenance” on the home page
  • Follow the prompts and click “Submit Request”
  • Residents must provide a written notarized letter stating said resident will take over the lease assuming all responsibility, including financial.
  • Both residents must sign said letter and deliver to the Schenectady office.