Owner Services

Full service leasing experience
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Conduct phone interviews with prospective residents
Do complete reference check on all applicants
Credit Check
Run a credit and DMV check on applicants at owner’s request
Market Analysis
Do a market analysis to ensure your rents are comparable to others

Resident Services

Solve Problems
Solve resident problems that may arise
Rent Collection
We collect rent on your behalf
24 hour a day 7 days a week maintenance for you and your residents
Major Capital Improvements or renovations
Yard Maintenance
Lawn care and snow removal
Periodic property inspections to ensure the residents a safe and comfortable living environment

** Some of the above services may require additional fees
*** Our services are tax deductible

All you do is pay your mortgage, taxes and insurance with the check we send you each month!

High Occupancy Rate

Maddalone & Associates, Inc. owns and manages hundreds of rental properties throughout the Greater Capital District of all types. Most residents will be looking to upgrade or relocate eventually. Having your property managed by Maddalone & Associates, Inc. increases the likelihood that your property will stay occupied, either by one of our residents or the residents of our other clients.

333 4th Ave

Real Estate

Maddalone & Associates, Inc. has a licensed Real Estate Broker, The Maddalone Group with Hunt ERA Realty, as well as numerous licensed Real Estate Professionals on staff. Should you wish to expand your real estate portfolio or sell your investment you will have a team of knowledgeable agents at your fingertips along with a huge client base of property owners that may want to buy or sell property.

740 Old Sharon

Park Ridge Construction

Maddalone & Associates, Inc. has a full-service construction company, Park Ridge Construction, on staff. If you are looking to do a Major Capital Improvement, major or minor renovations, an addition, or build an investment property or new home from the ground up, Park Ridge Construction is there to walk you through the process.

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About Us

Maddalone & Associates, Inc. owns and manages hundreds of rental properties throughout the Greater Capital District with over 27+ years experience.

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